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HTX Ventures recently hosted an insightful Twitter Space on April 29, 2024, featuring key stakeholders from Core Chain and COREx. The event provided an in-depth look into their major developments, progress, and plans for the rest of the year. Here are some excerpts from the discussion, showcasing HTX Ventures’ commitment to supporting the Core ecosystem and promoting its investment projects.

The panel included:

- Adam, Core Chain Contributor

- Lucas, Head of Incubation at HTX Ventures

- Rus, Co-Founder and CEO of COREx

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Lucas: Hey guys, my name is Lucas from HTX Incubator. We are the venture arm of HTX Exchange. HTX has been supporting early-stage builders in many different ecosystems, and we were one of the earliest supporters of Core Chain in terms of listing and are happy to keep supporting the Core Chain ecosystem.

Rus: Hi, my name is Rus and I am a co-founder at COREx. COREx is the first Uniswap V3 style DEX, native to the Core Chain ecosystem.

Adam: Hi, I’m Adam from Core Chain. The Core Chain oversees and helps develop the Core blockchain.

HTX: Can you tell us a bit more about Core?

Adam: We are super bullish on Bitcoin and the Bitcoin chain. We see it as a valuable asset and want to leverage its security to build on top of it. We aim to create a secure and scalable user experience. The Core Chain uses what we call the Satoshi Plus consensus, leveraging Bitcoin’s mining power to secure it. Over 50% of Bitcoin’s hash power secures the Core chain. We also have non-custodial Bitcoin staking, allowing users to delegate their Bitcoin assets to validators on the Core chain. The CORE token, Bitcoin staking, and hash power delegation form the backbone of our consensus. Core Chain is an EVM compatible and uses Solidity for development. Since its mainnet launch in February 2023, it has seen significant growth, especially with the rise of BTCfi.

Our community is strong, especially in Africa, with many talented builders. The community’s enthusiasm is key to our success. Many people are discovering blockchain through Core Chain, and we strive to make it accessible with easy-to-understand content and mobile compatibility.

HTX: What is your role as Core Chain in the ecosystem, and what kind of support can you provide to projects?

Adam: I help builders navigate the ecosystem, ensuring they have the necessary resources and connecting them with other builders. We tailor our support to meet the specific needs of each project. We’re very bullish on the BTCfi narrative and ensure our ecosystem is secure and accessible. Builders have diverse needs, and we provide the best support we can. The Core Ignition Drop, with its monthly airdrop of 1.2 million CORE tokens, has enriched the ecosystem.

HTX: Rus, can you tell us a bit more about COREx?

Rus: We approach DeFi differently. The blockchain industry is at a tipping point with more regulatory clarity and adoption. However, usability and accessibility remain a challenge. COREx focuses on developing a user-friendly DEX that can benefit all users, including those without a technical background or Web3 experience. On COREx, we offer real-time charts, social features in every operational aspect, and AI-powered tools to enhance user experience and investment strategies. We share Core Chain’s long-term vision and continuously push out new features and rewarding programs to maintain an active community.

HTX: Why did you choose to build on Core infrastructure, and what benefits does it offer users?

Rus: Core Chain is the only Layer 1 on the BTC environment that solves scalability issues while being fast and affordable. It maintains the security of the BTC environment and is EVM-compatible, which broadens its audience. Core Chain has 5 million registered wallet addresses and actively participates in community events. The recent non-custodial BTC staking is revolutionary, allowing users to participate in DeFi while keeping their assets within the Bitcoin environment. The Core Ignition Drop program also offers great benefits through airdrops.

HTX: HTX Ventures recently announced a partnership with Core, providing support for the Core Venture Network and investing in COREx. Lucas, can you explain the decision-making process behind this?

Lucas: Core Chain has the most popular and largest community in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The recent announcement of non-custodial staking unlocks Bitcoin’s productivity. Investing in COREx was a natural move for us as DEX is crucial for new users entering an ecosystem. Rus and his team are building a robust, user-friendly, and socially integrated product with good liquidity.

HTX: Adam, can you provide more details on the Core Venture Network and how projects like COREx can benefit from it?

Adam: The Core Venture Network helps projects raise funds, which is essential for building competitive and safe applications. We offer funding and connect builders like COREx with experienced partners like HTX Ventures. Proper funding ensures that builders can create well-audited and user-friendly projects.

HTX: What are your plans for the remainder of 2024?

Adam: We have several exciting developments, including the announcement of non-custodial BTC staking, a debit card partnership, and new validators like Saudi Telecom and Ant Financial. The BTCfi ecosystem is booming, and many builders are ready to launch on the mainnet. We are also running the Core Ignition Drop program, which offers many opportunities for users to earn rewards.

Rus: We are counting down to an NFT drop with significant value, offering a share of 10 million CRX tokens to holders. We are actively building partnerships and preparing for the mainnet launch, expected around mid-May. Post-launch, we will introduce more features, AI functions, and rewarding events to educate and onboard new users to Web 3 through Core.

HTX: Thank you everyone for joining us. A big thank you to our speakers for sharing exciting news and product information.

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About Core Chain

The Core blockchain network is a Bitcoin-powered layer-one blockchain for EVM-Compatible smart contracts. With 50% of Bitcoin mining hash power contributing to Core’s security in exchange for unlocking Bitcoin utility and rewards, Core is the most Bitcoin-aligned EVM blockchain (BTCfi, Bitcoin staking, and more). This breakthrough has amassed a massive community of 2.3M Twitter followers and 265k Discord members which has translated into millions of Core adopters, over 18M unique addresses and 251M transactions since its mainnet launch in January 2023.

About COREx

COREx, built on the Core Chain Ecosystem, is a flagship V3-style DEX distinguished by its user-friendly design requiring a minimal learning curve, robust community social features, and advanced transaction monitoring and AI advisory functions.

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