HTX Ventures Invests in ChainML, Developer of Theoriq AI Agent Protocol, to Support Decentralized AI Agent Protocol Development

HTX Ventures
3 min readMay 13, 2024

With a commitment to broadening the reach and usability of blockchain technologies, HTX Ventures, the global investment arm of the cryptocurrency exchange HTX, has announced a strategic investment in ChainML, a Silicon Valley-based AI and ML development and research lab that recently unveiled its groundbreaking Agentic Base Layer, Theoriq.

ChainML recently raised $6.2 million during its Super Seed funding round, led by Hack VC. The funding underscores the confidence and excitement surrounding ChainML’s vision to seamlessly integrate AI into the decentralized world of blockchain and revolutionize the AI landscape. By providing a platform like Theoriq for limitless AI innovation, built on the principles of composability, extensibility, and community-driven governance, ChainML promises to offer an unmatched ecosystem for deploying sophisticated AI agents that leverage Web3 technology to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency.

Theoriq’s axioms, based on principles of social evolution and implemented with blockchain, lay the foundation for continuously improving, community-governed AI systems.

Key features include:

  • Agentic Primities: Fundamental elements in the ecosystem that facilitate autonomous interaction, embodying roles, behaviors, and functions that contribute directly to an agent’s capacity to operate independently within its environment.
  • Modular Composability: Allowing developers to craft tailored AI solutions that can combine and be recombined to create sophisticated systems to evolve and adapt over time.
  • Community Permissioned Governance: Ensuring that decision-making authority is vested in a diverse group of community stakeholders who actively contribute to and provide feedback on the quality of AI agents, ensuring that the technology aligns with collective goals and values.

Edward, Managing Partner at HTX Ventures, said “ChainML’s Theoriq is an innovative platform that provides an actionable solution for AI agents to interact interchangeably, packed with more autonomy and capability. The platform paves the way for the future of AI, we are excited to be part of this journey.”

“Today marks a pivotal moment for ChainML and for the broader AI and Web3 communities,” said Ron Bodkin, Co-founder & CEO of ChainML. “With Theoriq, we’re not just launching a product — we’re spearheading a movement towards a transparent, community-governed AI ecosystem. HTX Ventures’ support will be instrumental as we unlock new potentials for AI integration within the decentralized space.”

HTX Ventures is excited to support innovative projects like ChainML, which combine AI development with blockchain to explore new synergies. Users can interact with the Theoriq testnet this summer by joining the waitlist.

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About Theoriq:
Theoriq is a platform for limitless AI innovation built on the principles of composability, extensibility, and community-driven governance. Theoriq’s axioms — based on the principles of social evolution, implemented with blockchain — lay the foundation for continuously improving, community-governed AI systems. Central to our ethos are transparency and adaptability. Theoriq does not presume which branch of the evolutionary tree leads to the most beneficial AI — rather it strives to nurture the evolution itself.

About ChainML:

ChainML is a pioneering technology firm at the intersection of AI and blockchain. Founded by industry veterans, the company is committed to advancing AI agent technology to foster more intelligent, efficient, and equitable systems across various sectors.

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About HTX Ventures:

HTX Ventures, the global investment division of HTX, integrates investment, incubation, and research to identify the best and brightest teams worldwide. With a decade-long history as an industry pioneer, HTX Ventures excels at identifying cutting-edge technologies and emerging business models within the sector. To foster growth within the blockchain ecosystem, we provide comprehensive support to projects, including financing, resources, and strategic advice.

HTX Ventures currently backs over 200 projects spanning multiple blockchain sectors, with select high-quality initiatives already trading on the HTX exchange. Furthermore, as one of the most active Fund of Funds (FOF) investors, HTX Ventures collaboratively forges the blockchain ecosystem alongside premier global blockchain funds, including Dragonfly, Bankless Ventures, Animoca, Shima, and IVC.



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