Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #1

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4 min readAug 19, 2021

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

A Glance at Decentralized Prediction Markets By Yahile Ning Huobi Ventures

  • Development of a Low-Profile Sector: DPMs(Decentralized Prediction Markets)
  • Trading Volume and Market Data of Existing Protocols
  • Comparison of Product Features
  • Looking Forward to Upcoming Innovations

During the European Cup season, the crypto world witnessed quite a turnover rate in DPMs(Decentralized Prediction Markets). We’re pleased to kickstart a new sector where Yahile has been working on at Huobi Ventures. In the research report A Glance at Decentralized Prediction Markets, we analyzed the development of the prediction markets with data collected (as of July 5th), compared protocols, focused on some innovative products, and discussed many possibilities in the future.

DPM with no centralized operators, information on chain, and richer revenue models, can be regarded as an information market.Fund flows and user participation are still small compared with lending or DEX. However we should continue to expect more surprises from the innovative market.

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Huobi Ventures Latest Update

· Asset Pricing Research Report

August 13, 2021, Huobi Ventures published Asset Pricing in Defi written by DeFi Reseacher — Alex

Asset Pricing in Defi

DEX, Futures, Options, Yield Aggregators … What else to cover for Defi?

· During the recent year, the total value locked in various protocols increases by 25.86 times while total market cap of cryptocurrencies increases only by 4.36 times.
· The total outstanding debt of lending protocols has increased by 16.6 times in the last year
· ABS is a great tool to release the deposited liquidity and alleviate the systematic risks in Defi.
· Blockchain is one of the best scenarios for ABS application.

· MEV Closed Door Seminar

August 13, 2021, Huobi Ventures hosted a closed-door conference on MEV -Miner Extractable Value. Participants included: Huobi Ventures, Block Beats Research, ChainNews, Automata, EthSign and Ethereum Community Consortium.

Huobi Ventures MEV Closed Door Seminar

Portfolios Weekly Status

● Animoca Brand has alpha-launched REVV-Racing on August 11th with $150k in tournament prize. Details

● kumosoukai.eth designed a positive rebase NFT for Ampleforth. Details

● Antimatter Nonfungible Finance is coming to BinanceChain soon. Details
● Antimatter V2 Model is published. Details

● Build Acala:Ready the Treasury,an exclusive token event for the Acala community. Details
● Acala is now composable With MantaNetwork-This testnet integration paves the way for cross-chain DeFi use cases between the two parachains, coming soon to Polkadot. Details

● Biconomy partners with EthSign. Details
● Biconomy introduces Hypen.Details
● Biconomy partners with Coinfantasy. Details

● Conflux partners with Witch (NFT, Metaverse) Details

● Connext introduces NXTP: a simpler xchain transfer protocol. Details

● Cofix v2.1 will adjust the impact cost algorithm. Details

● dTrade starts its integration with chainlink. Details

● dForce supported a couple of Synthetic stocks. Users can mint synthesize $TSLA, $AAPL, $AMZN and $COIN and use $USX, $EUX as collaterals. Details

● InsurAce is listed on DeFi Pulse. Details
● InsurAce partners with Orion Money, providing insurance to their users to protect their staked assets against smart contract vulnerabilities. Details

● Lithium Finance Collaborates With Credefi to Further Democratize Lending Market. Details

● MER is now accepted as a collateral and is the only SPL token besides SRM to be accepted at one of the best lending platforms on Solana — Port Finance, contributing to the early acceptance of MER by another lending protocol Acumen. Details

● Zoombies Open Beta Built on Moonbase Alpha (Moonbeam‘s Testnet) is now launched. Details
● The Moonbeam Foundation announces “Take Flight,” a token event open to the Moonbeam community. Details

● The OasisProtocol first on-chain vote to upgrade the network is taking place now. Details

[O3 Swap]
● The cross-chain function of O3 Token will be resumed very soon. Users can freely swap #O3 among four networks ( ERC-20/BEP-20/HRC-20/Polygon).

● Parasset 2.0 has launched officially. Details

● Terra now is supported by BitKeep Wallet. Details

● zkSync v2.0 is making steady progress.This could be a beginning of a bigger EVM-LLVM ecosystem. Details

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