Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #18

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3 min readJan 10, 2022

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Huobi Ventures

As the decentralized exchange sector matures and DEXs start to form their edges in the market, the importance of DEX aggregators is more pronounced than ever.

Although the DEX market is still very much oligarchical with Uniswap and Sushiswap occupying over 68% of the DEX market share, protocols such as Curve and 0x’s native DEX are able to generate over $250 million volume on a given day as well. Additionally, some long-tail assets have better liquidity on one DEX over another, or are only available on certain DEXs.

As such, aggregators emerge as a way to address the problem of liquidity fragmentation and provide the best price execution across DEXs. This process is usually rather complex, involving some combinations of order splitting, routing, and gas fee optimization, and the different ways these tools are used together have deterministic influence on the final price of a trade.

However, currently there is very little research focusing on how aggregators execute orders and what their order execution logic is. While the overall framework of routing, splitting, and lowering gas fees remain the same, different aggregators can have very different preferences in terms of which tools to use, and their preferences may also change over time.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

Huobi Ventures announced to has made a strategic investment with Plato Farm.

This investment will open up new possibilities for Plato Farm to do more in the Metaverse.


Huobi Ventures announced to be a partner with Alethea AI.


Portfolios Weekly Status

[Animoca Brands]

Neptune announced strategic investment led by Animoca Brands. Details

Cryptoslam announced $9m strategic seed round led by Animoca Brands. Details


$APENFT listed on Bithumb. Details


IndexZoo announced that IndexZoo will be joining the Aurora ecosystem. Details

cBridge Partners with Aurora to Enable Cross-Chain Bridges. Details

[Beyond Finance]

Beyond Finance had more than 6,600 HECO Chain Testnet applicants. Details


Metarun has teamed up with Biconomy, the next-gen multichain relayer protocol that will add ease and accessibility to our innovations. Details

$BICO listed on Poloniex Exchange. Details


ClearDAO will deploy derivatives DEX on KCC to further develop the DeFi derivatives sector. Details

ClearDAO $CLH is listed on Kucoin. Details

ClearDAO $CLH is listed on Details

[Clear Pool]

Amber Partners with Clearpool to Become a Borrower on the Protocol. Details

Clearpool has announced a partnership with Auros. Details

Wintermute Partners with Clearpool to Become a Borrower on the Protocol. Details


Clover is pumped up to announce the partnership with X Word Games, the virtual world of the web3 introducing Dreamcard and more. Details

MetaverseMiner has now integrated Clover MultiChain wallet. Details


Connext is forming a partnership with Layerswap to enable on-ramp from CEXs to a broader list of chains & L2s. Details


Staking $TRVL with KuCoin is live. Details


GamesPad NFTs will be available for purchase on Binance NFT at 2 PM UTC Jan.1. Details


Larix concludes the partnership with Solfire. Details

[Linear Finance]

New $LUSD — $BUSD Liquidity Pool Farm on OpenDAO. Details

[Lithium Finance]

Lithium Finance has announced a partnership with TrueFi. Details


OpenOcean to integrate Chainlink Keepers for limit order functionality on swaps and DEX grid trading. Details


$ROCO will launch its ClosedBeta on January 14th. Details

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