Huobi Ventures Weekly Report #2

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5 min readAug 26, 2021

Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Jinbin Xie of Huobi Ventures

zkSync released an updated and high-performance zkEvm virtual machine — Yul-LLVM. Arbitrum announced the launch of Arbitrum One in the second half of August, which to some extent kicked off the beginning of Layer 2 Summer. Ethereum’s EIP1559 is online, and the projects with leading Gas Burning rankings are basically DEX, Gamefi, NFT and other sectors. But with the launch of Rollup Layer2, more and more transactions can be moved to Layer2 to enjoy lower gas and faster confirmation. At the same time, there is also the security guarantee that the Ethereum mainnet brings to Rollup Layer2.

With the blessing of Rollup Layer2, we can see the outbreak of more sectors in the second half of this year. Stay tuned!

The deployment of Connext’s Ntxp protocol makes assets among different Layer 2 solutions composable. Since the non-custodial model is adopted, it can reduce the risk of cross-chain bridge asset attacks to some extent. We believe that in the future, more and more small-amount transactions like Gamefi, NFT, DeFi, etc. will be generated on Layer 2. And Layer1 will focus on large-amount and safety-concerned transactions then.

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Huobi Ventures Latest Update

· Huobi Ventures PIM team successfully hosted the seminar with topic of NFT, GameFi and Metaverse.

Participants included: Huobi Ventures team, CryptoYC, YBB Foundation, CabinVC, BlockBeats and Crypto Voxel creator — Will.

· Huobi Ventures Investment Manager JinBin Xie attended “Filecoin SpaceRace on-line seminar” on 8/24.

“Huobi Ventures has full track coverage, be it Layer2, Privacy Technology, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, MEV, NG Chain, Web3, Middleware, NFT, Cross-chain and more. We’re looking at projects across so many tracks, there are no boundaries for Filecoin, there is crossover with every track.
Let’s take a deep look at the nature of Filecoin, which is itself a network of storage services. All types of services involve data interaction with storage media.
Especially now with the storage bridge and the EVM coming with Filecoin in the future!” He said at the seminar.

Portfolios Weekly Status


The EDCON multifunctional hall is currently under construction under the help of AlchemyNFT. Details


Ampleforth announces the $AMPL Geyser v2 is now available for all imToken users in the dapp section. Details


Animoca has joined Star Atlas, an Epic Game on Solana. Details


· Introducing NFT Locker to Antimatter Nonfungible Finance: Locking and distributing your asset with a set schedule. Details

· BSC version of is now live. Details


Automata introduces Witness, an off-chain governance solution, to Acalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry. Details


· Conflux token $CFX listed on Mexo Exchange. Details

· Conflux token $CFX listed on Indonesian exchange Tokocrypto. Details


Cyclos, a Uniswap v3-style Concentrated Liquidity protocol, will do IDO on Solanium. Details


deBridge will support Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, HECO, and Arbitrum, with the goal to connect to other valuable chains in the near future. Details


· dForce net is one fo top 10 of TVL growth projects on BSC last week. Details

· Proposal for Risk Parameter Adjustments to the supported assets on #dForce Lending. Details

· Proposal for New Collateral Onboarding. Details


· listed on imtoken. Details

· InsurAce token INSUR token price is now dynamically linked to the price shown on coingecko. Details

· InsurAce is building on existing partnership with dHEDGE, has now listed dHEDGE V2 on Polygon for just 3.27% annually. Details

· InsurAce is proud to announce a partnership with Pendle, providing insurance to their users to protect their staked assets against smart contract vulnerabilities. Details

[Linear Finance]

Linear Exchange Perpetual Contract Series launched. Details

[Mercurial Finance]

MercurialFi has built Solana’s First on-chain cross protocol aggregator, bridging Mercurial and Serum into one seamless swap. Details

[NAOS Finance]

NAOS Finance is now on debank. Details


NYM COO @alexis_roussel ´s presentation about Digitial Integritiy that takes place 23.08. Details


The first on-chain governance vote will unlock an upcoming bridge and Oasis Cipher paraTIme and expand the validator set. Details


· Optimism Community Launch. Any project that meets the launch criteria can apply to be whitelisted on the Optimism mainnet and will be approved within 2 weeks. Details

· A warm welcome to the very first Optimism-native application. Lyra Finance is at the forefront of a new wave of apps optimized for low cost and high speed. Details


Parasset AMA RECAP:Talk about Parasset 2.0. Details


PoolTogether is on Polygon. Details

[Secured Finance]

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Currency Swaps. Details


Spacemesh version update. Details


Terra starts the first tech talk about Wormhole on youtube. Details


· ZKswap partners with DERP, This cooperation will focus on #DREPCredit, a community accelerator that empowers bilateral synergy and fusion. Details

· PoS mining is back. Zkswap has a new round starting August 24th, 2021 at 10:00 (UTC) It will include: Details

  1. 360-Day PoS, offering 11,520,000 ZKS reward
  2. 2. 30-Day PoS, offering 120,000 ZKS reward

· ZKSwap starts testing the V2 BSC Version on our Android App, Mainnet version is coming soon. Details

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