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Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Huobi Ventures

Forms of Information Product by Creators

With the introduction of the internet, Web 1.0, the diversification of information carriers signified a new era of multi-media.

With the development of HTML and JavaScript technology and the popularity of the Netscape browser, content began to appear as digital files ending in simple texts, such as .html/.css/.js/.txt/.jpg/.mp4, replacing traditional books, periodicals, records, DVDs, etc.

Digital content is inherently interactive; consumers connect to the content naturally, providing unlimited potential for creators to express their creativity. As information began traveling via the internet around the globe in the blink of an eye, creative works started becoming well-known worldwide almost instantly, laying a solid foundation for “internet celebrities” and influencers to be born.

Professional Generated Content (PGC), which was and still is primarily released free of charge, profited only from ads. In the Web 1.0 era, the top players in the space were mostly portal websites. They would publish the content submitted by professional writers, and the editors would put together their selections meticulously, praying that at least one of the many articles would be a hit with audiences. When they did, they would bring a large amount of traffic to the corresponding website, therefore increasing the prices of advertising spots.

For personal website owners or bloggers, creating content in highly vertical tracks, accumulating a number of fans with specific interests, and cashing out on Google AdSense were more common trends. These creators didn’t necessarily possess special creative talents; many were normal people who used these platforms to make their voices heard.

E-commerce platforms began to generate profits from the sales of physical products, and producers collected their share afterward. E-commerce was treated as a substitute to the traditional publishing industry. Publishers and music companies began to shut down. As a consequence, copyright infringements surged, worsening the state of protection for intellectual property.

Then came the emergence of complex interactive products such as games, which integrated images, text, and plotlines. If novels and movies were meant to immerse readers in the parallel world created by their creators, the emergence of information products such as games began to completely immerse users in them. These experiences were the result of contributions from various artists and creators across many disciplines.

The diversification of new information products meant creators had more choices than ever. Even today, the development of the entire industry is complex and ripe with opportunities for a variety of creators.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

Huobi Ventures partners with Bit2Me expanding reach to Spanish markets.


Huobi Ventures portfolio Burnt Finance raises $8M led by Animoca Brands, launches DeFi-oriented NFT marketplace.

Portfolios Weekly Status


Atlas $ATS is listing on Huobi Prime List. Details

[Astar Networ]

Astar Network is on Kucoin. Details

DIA has integrated its decentralised oracle infrastructure with the Astar Network. Details

Celer cBridge Partners with Astar Network to Enable Asset Bridging and Inter-chain Messaging. Details

[Era7: Game of Truth]

Era7: Game of Truth’s IGO will be launched on Binance NFT on Jan 27, 2022, at 12:00 pm UTC. Details


InsurAce is now LIVE on PancakeSwap. Details

InsurAce had formed a long-term partnership with BalancedDAO. Details


Larix reaches a partnership with LidoFinance. Details


Lootex $LOOT is listing on HuobiPrimelist. Details

[Plato Farm]

Plato Farm $PLATO has launched its Public Sale on Tokensoft. Details


Stader Completes a Strategic Private Sale of $12.5m. Details

[Vee Finance]

Vee.Finance is now integrated & available on HuobiWallet. Details

Vee.Finance is live on HECO. Details

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