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Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Value Proposition of Metaverse Real Estate

Insight provided by LinSir of Huobi Ventures

Some say metaverse real estate runs on a baseless value proposition due to its theoretically infinite supply and absence of physical constraints on access. Such voice echoes among the non-believers because, honestly, what makes real properties valuable on Mother Earth, “location, location, location”, simply does not apply to the virtual properties.

Similar arguments can be made for domain names of the World Wide Web, where unlimited amount of domain names exist and none overpowers the rest in terms of access priority. And yet, we see, time and time again, high value transfers of certain domain names, for instance Monaco’s $6m purchase of following the company’s rebranding to the new name.

What gives?
To call metaverse lands ‘real estate’ is misleading to begin with.

What physical land supports for humanity is almost completely different from what digital natives look for in the virtual world. Users do not live on parcel 57,118 and walk to the neighboring parcel 57,119 for groceries thus requiring proximity. Rather, they congregate at certain places to see their favorite musician’s virtual concert, to game with friends from around the globe, to view an up-and-coming artist’s new work, or to simply express their identities in ways unimagined before.

Sounds familiar? Indeed, metaverse real estate is the web 3.0 version of application portals, only exponentially more expressive and vastly more interactive, powered by a set of decentralized technologies.

Many are now too used to the act of accessing websites and phone apps for certain functionalities to see the logic underneath. Regardless of the format in which functions are presented, app or metaverse, it is the content within that attracts attention, cultivates sense of belonging, and ultimately drives value. To put it in plainer English, the more you can get people to use what you are offering as a service, the more valuable your land will be.

Current metaverse-tagged projects propose a variety of utility cases in the web 3.0 world, including but not limited to artwork creation/display/trade, gaming, social interaction, and virtual events, often coupled with NFT-based access control mechanisms and sometimes incentives through generic staking programs, but most still suffer from the perils of over- promise and under-delivery.

Despite bubbles, this only sheds light on the sheer potential of value creation in the web 3.0 world — if we stay diligent.

Huobi Ventures Latest Update

Huobi Ventures had been partner with Metaoasis.

Portfolios Weekly Status


Binance Liquid Swap adds Automata Network $ATA and opens two new Liquidity Pools. Details

[Beyond Finance]

Beyond Finance have listed $SOL to all platforms. Details


Avocado Guild have partnership with Eizperchain. Details


KingdomX will start the pre-sale of Hero Boxes at Binance NFT on 14th March. Details


7 NFTGo 2022 Annual Report NFTs will be randomly airdropped to addresses holding more than 1000 $RSS3 on chain. Details

[Vision Engine]

VisionGame welcomes PixelVerse to its Vision. Details

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