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2 min readMay 23, 2022


Huobi Ventures Weekly Insights

Insight provided by Jinbin Xie of Huobi Ventures

Parallel system in blockchain:

What’s next for Layer1? Parallelization

Market background:
The development of low-gas & high TPS layer1s such as Solana & Avalanche catered the expectations of usrs. However, with the growth of ecosystem and the number of transactions, Solana and other layers gradually have issues with congestions.

Major layer1s use single-threaded queue execution. When a large number of transactions hit in a short period of time, both the disk I/O and the CPU responsible for handling the disk read/write process would be hung. Again, because of the single queue situation, the previous transaction execution is not confirmed because the CPU is hung and subsequent transactions are blocked. This leads to a final block synchronization lag and node downtime.

blockSTM proposes a parallel execution scheme that opens multiple processes, each responsible for a different execution. Using an optimistic execution scheme, the default is to be executed correctly and without conflicts. the execution process is run again in the thread to ensure that the final execution is successful and the state is updated If an execution fails.

It consists of several modules: scheduler, executor, VM, and structured data layer.

In multi-threading, with NUMA optimization (CPU and L2 cache binding sharing technology in AMD), such as allocating fixed core shared cache, parallelize the execution to quickly achieve data exchange and complete state update. This greatly improves throughput.

This optimization can also be added to the EVM transformation.

With the above latest academic development, there is still a lot of room to explore for layer1 optimization.

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